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Dry Eyes Getting You Down? Advice on Protecting Your Eyes This Cold Season

While many people think of winter as the wet time of year because of the precipitation, the air is really more dry during the colder months, which can cause your eyes to become more sensitive.

Our eye care staff is here to help you find the best ways to keep your eyes hydrated this winter. Even before you step outdoors you can prevent dryness by using a humidifier. Eye doctors suggest the use of humidifiers in spaces with forced air heaters, which can decrease moisture from the air.

Additionally, be careful to take additional precautions once you're going outside to be exposed. You can further protect your eyes from the wind and cold by putting on a brimmed hat and wearing sunglasses. Always try your best to keep the whipping winds at a distance and prevent evaporation of the tear film in your eyes.

One more simple tip for keeping your eyes moist this winter, is applying high quality eye cream. Our eye care center can suggest the right eye cream to help you protect the delicate eye area.

Remember that if you use contact lenses it's important to be especially cautious in the winter. If possible, use rewetting drops often. While you may not realize it, lenses are dependent on moisture and are required to stay lubricated to retain their shape. Once they begin to dry out, the contacts can change form and stick to the eyeball, causing discomfort and cloudiness. So let your lenses drink up… and make sure to keep them moisturized this winter. With a little awareness and preparation, you can avoid the hazards of the cold, dry weather and keep your eyes clear and moisturized all season long!


Our office will be opening on Monday, May 18th. We will be following all CDC guidelines as well as those recommended by our National and State Organizations including the KOA and AOA as well as the Governor of Kentucky. We will be adding to our protocol to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Due to the recommendations, we are following, all patients will need to call from the parking lot when they arrive. We will ask you if you are running a fever, or have symptoms of COVID-19. We may even take your temperature to keep for our records. We will ask that you remain in your car until we notify you to come to our office.

All patients entering the building must wear a mask or face covering.

We ask for your patience over the next few months as we work to get our patients rescheduled that had to be canceled during the closure. We will not be working at full capacity for some time and realize this will most likely cause delays in getting people rescheduled. We will also not be taking walk-in patients and ask that you please call if you need to be seen to set up an appointment. Please know that we are doing everything we can to take care of our patients during these difficult times.

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