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School’s Coming… Time for a Clarksville Eye Exam

Back to school season is in full swing. Now's the time to ensure your kids' eyesight is okay. Proper vision is critical to the cognitive processes and accomplishments in school. There are numerous activities that demand visual skills, such as reading, writing and computer work, which students are required to perform everyday. Despite the significant relationship between eyesight and cognitive development, many parents misjudge the occurrence of students suffering from eye and vision troubles.

Often the problems a child deals with in school can be the result of sight difficulties. The percentage of children who have undiagnosed vision problems is extremely large. Reports demonstrate that 60 percent of students identified as students with learning-disabilities actually suffer from undetected vision impairments. You can avoid childhood trauma if you make it a priority to ensure your child is seeing properly.

Don't push off your child's first eye exam until kindergarten. Pediatricians should do a dilated eye exam to discover any major eye problems within the first two months after birth. It's critical to uncover any issues right away, since children often respond better to treatment when treated early. Additionally as a parent, it's important to make sure your child enjoys reading. Usually, kindergarteners enjoy looking at books and attempt to read. Children that don't read books may have a vision impairment. Before you assume the worst, it's a good idea to get a vision check-up. For an eye exam for your child in Clarksville, IN, call us to book an appointment.

Keep in mind that the earlier a vision impairment is detected and treated, the greater the chances for successful treatment. And vision is a key component for school. If a child's eyesight is impaired, he will have a much harder time with assignments. Additionally new technological advances in the classroom, including the use of interactive SMARTboards, can also potentially make less obvious vision problems worse. Without proper vision, students may struggle not only in the classroom, but also mentally, physically and emotionally. This year, ensure your child a productive year in school, by making sure their vision is in perfect condition. Contact us for a Clarksville, IN eye exam today.